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  • 4.What should I do if the camera goes offline (device icon gray)?


    1. Shut down and reboot your device

    2. The device re-pair the network. If re-pair network is unsuccessful, forget network first. And reconnect network again.

  • 5.Why upgrade the firmware ?

    Recommended to upgrade the firmware in time.

    After the APP upgrades to the new version, Some features require support from the new firmware version to work properly.

  • 6.Is mobile phone remote upgrade supported?

    Yes, Remote upgrades are supported
    1.There is a new version of the device firmware. Go to the main page of the device. There is a red dot at the top right corner of the page which is “Setting” button. Click “Setting”, then click”Firmware upgrade”, go to firmware upgrade page, click “upgrade now”. Start the remote upgrade.

    2.During firmware upgrade, the device firmware is installing. Devices will reboot after installation, Please be patient and wait for a while. The Wi-Fi network will be automatically connected when the device restarts successfully. After the upgrade is successful, you can check the firmware version number on the APP