Intelligence For Life
  • 1.Why can't I receive the verification email?

    The possible reasons are as follows:

    1. Check the email is in your trash can.

    2. Please change another email address to register again, EX: gmailhotmail163qqetc

  • 2.WiFi cannot be connected when configuring the network (configuration is not successful)

    Setup routers to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network

  • 3.I don't hear the connection succeeded when I scan QR code

    QR code cannot be recognized, the possible reasons are as follows:

    1. Mobile phone screen resolution is too low

    2. Screen is too dark

    3. Too far from the lens

    4. Reflection


    1. The phone screen is facing the lens

    2. Adjust phone screen brightness

    3. Adjust distance between the phone and the lens