Intelligence For Life
  • 10.What should I do if the video and sound are delayed and out of sync?


    1. Please make sure the network OK.

    2. If there is a long delay, try exiting the video screen and re-opening to load the video

  • 11.What should I do if the screen volume is low/noise/howling?


    1. If the sound is low, please click the button to adjust the device volume at the bottom of the video page

    2. If you are viewing the screen on the same network as your device, keep your phone more than 10 meters away from your device

    3. When installing the device, keep the device away from electronic devices (refrigerator, microwave, etc.)

  • 12.What should I do if mobile phone cannot receive the notification?

    Go to mobile “setting”→“Cheego smart”→“Allow notification